Face Shape

Our experienced member of staff will look at all your facial features such as face shape, nose, mouth, ears and forehead. He/she will then advice you on the best style that compliments and enhances your appearance. We will use a combination of clippers, scissors and razors to achieve the right texture, which can be wispy, choppy or sleek. You can discover your face shape in the comfort of your own home by following some simple steps. Here you will discover if you boast a long, round, oval, heart shaped or square face.

Scrape your hair back (using a headband can help) Take an old lipstick and trace the shape and outline of your face onto the mirror (we promise with a bit of glass cleaner it will come off!) Observe your face shape.

Alternatively come in and see us at salon e11ven for a consultation.

Hair Cuts and Hairstyles to Suit Face Shapes

Long Face Shapes – shoulder length and short hair, plenty of layers or a fringe, avoid centre partings.
Round face shape – here we need to reduce the roundness by adding height, add layers, a graduated bob under the chin works great.
Oval Shaped Faces - Well done! You’ve got what is considered the perfect face shape. Here your forehead and chin is even in proportion, your hairstyle possibilities are almost endless!
Heart shaped face -   either possesses a widow’s peak hairline creating the top of the heart shape or can just categorise those with a wider temple and a narrow pointy chin. A short bob works well with longer layers and a fringe.
Square face shapes – Here you need to add softness by adding texture, curls work well particularly around the jaw. Low Fringes cut to the eyebrows and then cut longer at the sides will help to balance a square shaped face.

Men’s Hair Cut and Styles

Men’s haircuts and styles have evolved significantly over the last few years. The finest barbering and precision cutting skills are delivered every time by our specialist stylists at salon e11ven.  Whether you’re looking for a classic men’s haircut or a modern day men’s hairstyle, your stylist will be able to talk you through the possibilities.


That’s fantastic news, you’re expecting a baby and although you might be glowing on the outside there are many challenges ahead. Some mums sail through pregnancy but if you’re not so fortunate, you may have to deal with morning sickness, swollen ankles, heartburn and fatigue. It can get hard going so why not take a break and visit salon e11ven.

Pregnancy can change your hair by fluctuating hormones but don’t worry you can still lookgreat. Many women notice their hair getting thicker and glossier, which is great. Other changes may include your hair texture or m
oisture levels. If you perceive your hair getting dry, brittle or even greasy speak to your stylist at salon e11ven, we will advice you on the right shampoo and conditioner. 

Congratulations on your new arrival, with the arrival of your baby you may experience hair loss, this is common so no need to panic. We can advice you on the right products or perhaps a change of hairstyle. It’s very common for a new mum to want a fresh style, why not come in and speak to us to see what we can recommend.